“Clauss Construction was selected by the City of San Diego’s Environmental Services Department as one of the Recyclers of the Year in the 2014 Waste Reduction and Recycling Awards Program.”

Clauss Construction received this award at the 22nd Annual Waste Reduction & Recycling Awards onboard the USS Makin Island for our efforts in recycling over 97% of the material generated from the demolition of the Center for Life Sciences project.

“Clauss Construction wins the General Services Administration (GSA) 2007 Environmental Reward.”

Clauss Construction, as part of the New San Diego Courthouse Project Team, received an Environmental Award for our efforts in recycling over 90% of the material generated from the demolition of the Hotel San Diego.

Fact: This is what we do every day!

An integral part of every demolition project is the salvage and recycling of materials. Recycling and salvage of materials keeps unnecessary items out of the landfills. There are also benefits and incentives for the contractor. Clauss Construction is committed to maintaining the highest level of recycling, reuse and waste reduction on every job.

We believe that there are several main benefits that arise in our efforts to keep those standards:

  • It benefits the environment
  • It minimizes waste
  • It stimulates economic growth
  • It lowers overall job costs and expenditures

As a project develops, our management team’s experience allows us to view a project in terms of:

  • The most efficient way to demolish a building to maximize salvage value
  • Quantity of materials that can and will be recycled
  • The hazardous remediation needed to facilitate recycling and the safest way to execute removal

We will continue to maximize our efforts in the field of waste reduction, offering the best value for our clients.

GSA Environmental Award 2007

2014 Recycler of the Year