With over 25 years of experience in planning, managing and executing challenging, large scale demolition, remediation, and hazardous material abatement projects nationwide, Clauss Construction is a leader in providing safe, efficient, and schedule conscientious execution of your unique site decommissioning and remediation needs.

Clauss Construction is considered a small business under NAICS Codes 562910, 561210 & 237990. We are the leader in executing projects in a safe manner in our 27 year business history.  Our company’s roots in the construction and demolition trades run deep, with over thirty years of hands-on experience and a family committed to customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves in the fact that we self-perform 95% of all projects we execute. This method enables our clients to recognize overall project coordination, schedule improvement and execution efficiency.

We have demolished every imaginable structure for many different federal and private agencies, including high hazard, high-risk sites like the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Idaho National Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Lab, Los Alamos National Lab, Lawrence Livermore National Lab and in the tight confines of the Las Vegas Strip. We have worked with a vast number of private, commercial and federal entities throughout the United States, including locations in Alaska and Hawaii. As our clients can attest, we have built strong working relationships to supply a full spectrum of services. We are a team player, we do it right, and we get it done on time.

The Clauss team has safely, compliantly, and cost effectively executed over 600 demolition tasks and projects at government sites across the country, demolishing over 1000 facilities that total well over 5,750,000 sq ft (including radiological decontamination and demolition). Key to this success is a continually improving management approach that integrates communication, safety, and quality through all aspects of the project while providing mechanisms for feedback and continuous improvement. Additional keys to success include innovative demolition techniques, and specialized equipment to get the job done safer, faster, cleaner and more economically. We provide our clients a comprehensive plan by carefully involving all aspects in the pre-planning phase of each project.


Clauss Construction provides cross-trained, experienced workers to attend to most every need that arises during execution of a project. Our team has completed in-depth training and certification in hazardous waste management and removal. All employees assigned to a specific project will have their training and certifications verified before arriving onsite to perform work, this process also allows Clauss Construction to match personnel skill levels, experience and training on a case by case basis, reducing training costs if provided by the client. Our employees are proud of their experience and training and we reward those who strive to make themselves the best they can be. Our personnel have many years experience and are certified and/or trained in the decommissioning of hazardous materials such as:

  • Radiological Materials
  • Asbestos
  • Lead
  • PCB
  • Contaminated Soils
  • Mold
  • Chromium
  • Heavy Metals
  • Hazardous Chemicals
  • Petroleum Hazards
  • Pipeline Work
  • RCRA Closure Work

Our goal is to provide all customers with the highest quality of service, safety, and expertise in the demolition field.

Clauss Construction’s management team consists of personnel with the real world, hands-on experience, education and training to effectively and positively affect each project we are involved in. For every single person in the field in a management position, Clauss Construction supports that person’s decision making with several key people, from the owner of the company to our Operations Manager and Senior Vice President. This approach assures our employees and clients consistency and allows us to operate efficiently and safely. Having managed and executed many large-scale industrial decommissioning projects in the past, Clauss Construction is ready for your project.